Our vision is making sustainable society

To realize it, we are providing ECO solutions which improve your business profit not only good for environment and support circulation corporate management.

We are providing 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) solution to contribute continuous success of our business stakeholders in Thai, ASEAN and Japan.


Latest Seminars

ECMS invites you to join our monthly online seminar on ECO, focusing on environmentally friendly business practices. Our ECO seminar covers various topics such as climate change related to carbon dioxide reduction, carbon neutrality, energy-saving technology and tools, biodegradable plastics and recycling, logistics, ecosystem, Including the presentation of new innovations that are beneficial to the environment and industries in driving the Thai economy to grow steadily and sustainably

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Data analysis methods and utilization methods after DB construction (forward analysis, reverse analysis, text mining, image analysis) In the second session, we will share detailed information about methods for analyzing data with artificial intelligence (AI)
Organizer: Hitachi High-Tech (Thailand) Ltd.
Date : Wed, 12th Jun 2024
Time : 13:30 – 15:00 (TH zone)

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In this third session, we will summarize the 1st – 2nd seminars and share an overview of the techniques necessary to improve R&D productivity, as well as the characteristics of the tools needed to achieve this
Organizer: Hitachi High-Tech (Thailand) Ltd.
Date : Wed, 17th Jul 2024
Time : 13:00 – 15:00 (TH zone)

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This time, Taiyo Gases, a member of the Nippon Sanso Group that manufactures and sells gases, will provide a lecture on energy-saving methods made possible by properly managing gases in factories, as well as safer handling methods.

Organizer: Taiyo Gases Co., Ltd.

Date : Thu, 18th Jul 2024
Time : 13:30 – 15:00 (TH zone)

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Our solutions

Environmentally Friendly Solutions

At ECMS LTD, we’re dedicated to offering a wide range of ECO solutions to help businesses adapt them appropriately. Our solutions are eco-friendly and promote the highest level of harmony with nature and the environment.


“Air Leak Check Service” New solution for reducing air leak and electric consumption dramatically in factory with Air & Gas Leak Viewer MK-750ST
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37,000 companies 2,260,000 active users 30 days Free trial is available now!
Do you want to know how to get over 1,000 sales leads by small bufget withing few months?
Now providing free report “How to reduce cost of air conditioner electric cost”
Easy to exchange “Paper Documents” to “Electrical Data” by AI-OCR can reduce manual data input time max 90%!
You will be free from foreign language problem!
No.1 Share AI-OCR in Japan, DX system with AI Technology “DX Suite” is released in Thailand

Our Solutions

Free trial Air Leak Check Service.

For management of factory, Facility, Equipment, Admin manager

Free Trial “Air Leak Check Service” Max 1 mil THB / Year electric cost reduction.

For management of factory, Facility, Equipment, Admin manager

Now providing free report “How to reduce cost of air conditioner electric cost”

For management of factory, Facility, Equipment, Admin manager

Now providing free report “How to reduce cost of staff transportation”

For management of factory, Admin/HR manager

“Super Alkaline Ionized Water (SAIW)”

For management of factory, Facility, Equipment, Production Engineering, Admin manager

AI Voice Translation + Automatic Meeting Log Tool!

For management of company, IT, HR/Admin manager

electric cost reduction

An industrial tool capable of inspecting and maintaining equipment efficiently, while also reducing gas and air leak in factories. This includes gases such as steam, nitrogen, and hydrogen, which may pose risks to the safety and health of workers.

The latest innovation, MK-750ST, for detecting gas and air leaks through ultrasonic wave sensors, with real-time display on an LCD screen that maintains visibility even in outdoor environments.

Max 1 mil THB / Y electric cost reduction

kw Reduction
metric here
energy savings
CO 2 Reduction

Sample video
gas leak detector

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At ECMS, we offer solutions to empower and build ECO-friendly organizations