Max 40% cost reduction of staff transportation cost

Cost Reduction Solutions for Manufacturing "Mii Hawk"

Simulation software for optimizing vehicle (bus and van) dispatch schedule and cost

For management of factory, Admin/HR manager

Now we are providing report "how to reduce transportation cost" for free

Cost Reduction Solutions For Manufacturing "Mii Hawk" ecms

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"how to reduce transportation cost"

Don't you have these follow problem?

Vehicle Dispatch Management System "Mii Hawk" will fix these problem!


Example: 1,000 staff factory

Monthly Transportation Fee
2 mil THB → 1.2 milTHB
(40% 0.8 mil THB cost reduction)

Cost Reduction Solutions For Manufacturing "Mii Hawk" -ecms


How to fix problem?

"Mii Hawk" is simulation software optimize vehicle dispatch schedule and cost based on staff shift, transportation route and vehicle type information.


System Image

Visualizing Vehicle Dispatch Schedule

Simulator will calculate how many and which vehicle and route will be need based on every day staff shift.
Simulator also will calculate who will get on which vehicle automatically, so you can make more easy transportation plan.
GA staff can adjust some part of plan by manual also.
Mii Hawk 画面 -ecms

Easy Master Data Setting

Each master data can import from Excel file and also edit by manual if operator needed it.

Mii Hawk 画面

Visualizing Bus and Van Route

If you make route map function on this service, it will be easier to maintain check and edit route.
Even the situation, staff will be increased, decreased or change address it is easy to manage route.

Can download every day’s vehicle dispatch report by Excel

Can make summary report by each time shift every day.
Easily to understand each vehicle occupancy and which type vehicle and how many cars used for each route.

Mii Hawk レポート -ecms

And can make report that how many staffs will get on which vehicle and get off in where stop location.

Mii Hawk レポート-ecms
Mii Hwak will reduce GA staff operation time by system, and also can reduce mistakes of ordering for transportation company and driver.

We can propose will reduce your factory staff transportation cost and more smooth operation.

We are providing free simulation service to find cost down opportunities.

Let’s try it!

Now we are providing free report
"how to reduce transportation cost"

Also if you are interested in simulation of cost reduction opportunities, please contact here.

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