Reduce air conditioning electricity costs by 20-30%

Site inspection service to reduce air conditioning electricity costs.

With this method, it will alleviate concerns for factory managers, system administrators, and equipment operators.

We can utilize technical expertise to present reports for immediate electricity cost reduction.

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Report on 'How to Reduce Electricity Costs from Air Conditioning Operation'

Do you have any concerns regarding electricity costs for air conditioning units in factories and commercial buildings used for business premises?

Mostly, in factories or companies with large machinery, they often use air conditioning methods that are not suitable.

We will use on-site data from customers and install temperature, humidity, and power flow measuring devices to dispel doubts about why your electricity bill is high?

Additionally, we can help establish appropriate air conditioning usage guidelines, repair machinery, and propose cost reduction plans by incorporating energy-saving tools.


Basic principles when aiming to reduce air conditioning electricity costs.

When analyzing on-site data, we’ll employ the following principles to address concerns about reducing electricity costs.

Air conditioner-ecms

To verify whether the usage objectives of the room, room temperature, and room size are appropriate:

รายละเอียดอื่นๆ จะแนะนำในงานสัมนานี้

How can the load on the air conditioning unit be reduced?

รายละเอียดอื่นๆ จะแนะนำในงานสัมนานี้
air conditioner-ecms

Service Process

Step.1 |Sign up

Step.2 |Provide information such as electricity costs, air conditioning unit specifications

Step.3 |Inquire about customer concerns or questions regarding electricity costs

Step.4 |Measure temperature, humidity, actual electricity usage on-site

Step.5 |Summarize areas for potential improvement and methods for improvement

Step.6 |Present appropriate guidelines for air conditioning usage and energy-saving tools

We can use technical expertise to present reports for free,
aimed at reducing your electricity costs!

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