Air & Gas Leak Viewer

Energy saving and reducing of electricity bills with new innovations for detecting gas and air leaks. It can efficiently detect leaks of gases and air that are not visible, utilizing ultrasonic waves through array sensors, the real-time display on the LCD screen ensures visibility even in bright environments, allowing you to respond accurately to leaks and address them precisely.


Gas Leak Viewer MAINTE PRO

Gas Leak Viewer MAINTE PRO Lasted innovation that makes detecting invisible gas and air leaks easy. Comes with features for capturing images and easily transmitting data, along with a real-time display on the LCD screen that allows you to pinpoint the location of leaks. This ensures energy and electricity savings within your factory.

MK-750ST detects ultrasonic waves from compressed air leaks with array sensors. You see the sound pressure map overlaid visual image

Air Leak Detector

Specifications of the Air & Gas Leak Viewer MK-750st

Ultrasonic sensor
Center frequency 40kHz
Detecting performance
Able to detect leaks in 7 meter distance with pressure 70kPa from 0.2mmφ holes. *Data at our laboratory
Detection display range
Approx. 62 degrees horizontally and 35 degrees vertically
4.3 inch LCD / 800 x 480 pixels
Display refresh frequency
Approx. 5 times/sec
Other functions
Peak hold, approximate leak amount display, and sleep mode
Recording contents
Superimposed image of sound pressure map (JPEG), Camera image (JPEG), Sound pressure map data (CSV), Data list file (CSV)
Data recording
No. of records: 3,500 or more (Recording media: Internal memory (1GB))
Data output
USB communication (Compatible OS: Windows8.1, Windows10)
Power source
Lithium-ion battery (Continuous operation time length: Approx. 8 hrs. / Full charge time: Approx. 3 hrs.)
Outer dimensions
W182mm x H114mm x D64mm (excluding wrist strap and protector)
Approx. 740g (including battery, excluding wrist strap and protector)
Standard configuration
Main unit, Battery pack (RRC2057), Battery charger (RRC-SMB-MBC), Wrist strap (MK-9907), Protector (MK-9909), USB cable (U2C-MF10BK), and Instruction manual
Battery pack [as a spare] (RRC2057), Neck strap (MK-9908), Carrying case (MK-9705), Waist bag (MK-9706), Oscillator (MP-161-S001)

JFE Advantech Co., Ltd.

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Features of the Air & Gas Leak Viewer MK-750st

Air & Gas Leak Viewer

“Leak Detection Service Inside the Factory”

Reduce Electricity Costs up to 1 Million Baht/Year

Reduce Energy Costs

Convenient and Easy to Use

Checked by Just 1 Person

Display description of the Air & Gas Leak Viewer MK-750st

Status bar
Displays measurement information such as date & time, sound pressure peak, leak amount, and etc
Sound Pressure map
Able to identify leak spot by displaying colored areas with high sound pressure level
Displays sound pressure and leak amount (configurable to be disabled)
Displays maximum sound pressure value and leak amount by inputting the distance to the target
Photo image
Adapted LCD (with brightness adjustment function) that does not lose its visibility in outdoors under sunny weather

*Approximate leak amount display is estimated value using our test equipment.
*Units used for indicating leak amount: L/min, m3/h, Nm3/h

Use examples of the Air & Gas Leak Viewer MK-750st

*Type of gases does not matter if it is air, steam, nitrogen, argon, or any other kind of gas!

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ภาพแสดงการตรวจสอบจุดที่ลมรั่วภายในโรงงาน โดยเครื่องตรวจจับก๊าซรั่ว MK-750st
ภาพแสดงการตรวจสอบจุดที่ลมรั่วภายในโรงงาน โดยเครื่องตรวจจับก๊าซรั่ว MK-750st
ภาพแสดงการตรวจสอบจุดที่ลมรั่วภายในโรงงาน โดยเครื่องตรวจจับก๊าซรั่ว MK-750st
ภาพแสดงการตรวจสอบจุดที่ลมรั่วภายในโรงงาน โดยเครื่องตรวจจับก๊าซรั่ว MK-750st


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