When you talk with foreigner
Have you found a difficulty
to communication with them?

Cutting Edge AI Translation System You will be free from foreign language problem!

Smooth communication
by multi language AI translation

Conversation Example
Let’s check demonstration video!

How do you feel about our demonstration video?

You can talk with foreign customer,
suppler, boss and staff like this.

Market is globalizing now a days.

Increasing opportunities that businesses man
have to talk with foreigner.

Also under the COVID situation,

Increased online meeting with
customer, supplier and colleagues.

When you talk with them,

have you find problems in below?

Thai / Japanese / Foreigners

Still now, there are many language barriers, when people talk with foreigners at meeting or ordinary communication.

Many Thai persons are not good at English and Japanese.

Also many Japanese persons are not good at English and Thai.

In spite of many Japanese (foreign) companies are operating in Thailand, not improved circumstance of language barriers yet.


So we recommend



“Onyaku” is Voice Translation System
based on AI technology.

This system is developed by “Rozetta”
which is leading company of
AI Translation System in Japan.

Their system is recorded over 95% accuracy
of translation in business field
and over 5,000 companies are using.

You can communicate with foreigner in Thai language
using by multi language voice translation system!!!

Under the COVID situation,
online meetings are increased.

This system has automatic transcript function.

You can make meeting log easier.

It is useful for review of meeting.

“Onyaku” can use with online meeting system
like Zoom, MS Teams and others.

What is ONYAKU?


Real time translation at
WEB meeting


Automatic transcription


Easy to make meeting log


Support meeting attendees
cannot use foreigner language

Service Menu

Mobile Version

※ Android / iOS

You can only use Onyaku application via smartphone.

Also it’s a translator assistant while you having online meeting on another devices.


Price List


*1: Yearly contract
*2: 767 THB / month / person


*1: Yearly contract
*2: 575 THB / month / person


*1: Yearly contract
*2: 537 THB / month / person

PC Installation Version

* Available on Windows 10

Can use with online meeting system

Will translate your and attendees’ voice


Price List


*1: Yearly contract
*2: Around 380 THB/hour


*1: Yearly contract
*2: Around 380 THB/hour


*1: Yearly contract
*2: Around 340 THB/hour

PC Browser Version

*Web application available on Azure AD

Can apply various environments
Easy to manage license and can recommend a lot of users in one company


Price List


*1: Yearly contract
*2: Around 380 THB/hour


*1: Yearly contract
*2: Around 340 THB/hour


*1: Yearly contract
*2: Around 380 THB/hour

3 Features of “Onyaku”

Can use at various environments

Easy installation and easy operation

You can use immediately after you install application

After you installed, just start application and start translation

Can customize AI translation system

Can apply “T-3MT” which high accuracy translation engine can apply technical terms (Option)

Can translate over 100 languages!

Can translate 110 languages in the world

English, Chinese, Korean, French, Spanish… Onyaku can translate almost all languages used in business.

Please feel free to contact if you want to confirm which language can translate.

* Mobile version can translate only follow language.

(*April 2021)
Languages used Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, Thai, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Khmer, Indonesian



[Sales Agent in Thailand]
68/1 Pasana Soi 2 Sukhumvit road,
Phra Khanong Nua, Watthana,
Bangkok 10110

Person in Charge
Ms. Green [TH/EN]
M: +66-(0)98-294-2988
Mr. Kitamura (北村) [JP/EN]

[System Developer]

Rozetta Corp.