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How to handling dangerous
goods in logistics?

Sharing important point
to manage and trend in Thai

30th Mar (Thu) 10:30-12:00 (Thai time)
Thai Language only


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Recently, many companies have been producing and selling a variety of products to meet market demands. As a result, they need to handle various types of materials and fuels. Many companies have to manage hazardous goods themselves due to resource constraints leading to high costs, requiring a large workforce, and obtaining permits, which increases time and expenses.

Therefore, understanding how to handle dangerous goods in the logistics industry has become crucial for companies to operate their businesses efficiently and safely.

Hazard Signs Set-ecms

We have invited “Suzuyo”, a major integrated logistics company, to share knowledge on managing dangerous goods in the logistics industry.

The expert speaker will share the following information and content:

– Type of dangerous goods in Thailand
– Important point when import / export
– Trend of policy and government regulation

Additionally, there will be a discussion on controlling logistics for hazardous goods, which is an essential part of business operations, including management trends in Thailand that affect imports and exports in the logistics industry.



Marketing Manager
Ms. Achareerat Wangkaewhiran
Ms. Achareerat-Suzuyo
Doing customer support and taking care many Japanese and Thai company.
Managing sales and marketing division both and provide total optimization proposal of logistics for customer to fix customer’s problem.

Free Online Seminar

30th Mar (Thu) 10:30 – 12:00 (Thai time)
Seminar Contents
How to handle dangerous goods in logistics?
1.Type of dangerous goods in Thailand
2.Important point when import / export
3.Trend of policy and government regulation

*There are possibilities it will be changed part of seminar contents.

Marketing Manager
Ms. Achareerat Wangkaewhiran

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Thai language only
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-30 min free consultation about to handle dangerous goods
-free simulation service to calculate current CO2 emission and how to optimize it and logistics cost
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