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Free Online Seminar

Important point of reducing logistics total cost and lead time
How to apply regulation and law
in Thai and overseas

29th Jun (Thu) 10:30 – 12:00 (Thai time)
Thai Language only

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If your company produce some product it will be needed to send product to market. Logistics is necessary function.

But market was changed from local to global and supply chain also changed more complex and had diversify now. It is quite difficult to manage all logistics process by yourself properly.
Because of lack of knowledge of regulation and laws do you have any experience to pay additional logistic cost more than your estimated?

Do you have any experience could not keep delivery on time?
This time, “Suzuyo” which is major comprehensive logistics company will hold seminar on 29th Jun They will share how to improve logistics process.
Especially, what kind of problem happened often and how to handle it based on use case in the past.

This seminar will provide mainly management and managers of logistics division of manufacturing companies. Let’s join and update your knowledge.


Marketing Manager
Ms. Achareerat Wangkaewhiran
Doing customer support and taking care many Japanese and Thai company.
Managing sales and marketing division both and provide total optimization proposal of logistics for customer to fix customer’s problem.

Free Online Seminar

29th Jun (Thu) 10:30 – 12:00 (Thai time)
Seminar Contents
Important point of reducing logistics total cost and lead time
How to apply regulation and law in Thai and overseas

1. Current environment related logistics (labor cost, how to do ECO action, Thailand and overseas country law)
2.Frequent problem related logistics
3.How to fix these problem and what kind of support Suzuyo can provide
4.Shearing use case

Marketing Manager
Ms. Achareerat Wangkaewhiran
Online Seminar by Zoom
Thai only
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1 day before of seminar
How to join Seminar
Organizer will send zoom URL before 1-2 days before seminar by e-mail
60 min free consultation for current customer’s problem from Suzuyo
*The case of competitors (logistics companies and similar type companies), there are possibilities cannot accept to join this seminar.

*Company and person information of this seminar’s attendee will be shared between organizer and related companies.

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