Trading Business

We will support product maker and brand owner who want to expand your sales and profits in the Japanese and Thai markets!


We can provide the following benefits to product maker and brand owner

Our Business

Exclusive Distributorship and Agency Business

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We collaborate with both international and domestic manufacturers, serving as the exclusive distributor or agent for their products in Japan and Thailand.

E-commerce Business

We sell our products on various e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Rakuten, Shopee, Lazada, and others.


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We provide promotional support for partner companies’ products through activities such as website promotion and online seminars.

Our Strength

We leverage our in-house online marketing expertise to engage in the trading of various products. Our operations primarily focus on regions such as Japan, Thailand, and the United States, covering a wide range of categories including goods, services, B2C, and B2B. One of our strengths lies in the ability to quickly establish sales channels tailored to the characteristics of the market, aligned with the specific nature of the products.
In the world, there are many excellent products.
However, many companies struggle with selling them.
The traditional marketing 4Ps
– having a good product
– setting the right price
– establishing proper distribution channels
– conducting effective promotion
have been emphasized for a long time.
We believe that by carefully considering these aspects and creating tailored marketing plans for each product, our mission is to deliver outstanding products to a wide audience.
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Managing Director
Atsushi Kitamura

Service Provider

Business: Providing information related environment
Management Consulting, Trading of environment-related products.