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Trend of CO2 emission regulation and how to calculate?

Global / Thai regulation and CBAM
Big companies’ policy
Effect to supplier

3rd Oct (Tue) 13:30 – 15:00 (Thai time)
English and Thai

CO2 emission-ecms

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Currently, efforts to reduce global carbon dioxide emissions continue to increase every year. Each company must consider the trends of various policies and regulations of different states or countries to decide on strategies that align with international standards. Additionally, it’s crucial to understand how our businesses will impact the future and what actions we need to take in each activity.

Thailand itself has initiatives like the Thailand Voluntary Emission Reduction Program (TVER) and the Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organization (TGO), which support and promote businesses to become more sustainable and environmentally responsible.
CO2 emission-ecms
How does the European standardization affect the environment?
And to what extent will the European Union’s Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) impact your business?
What is the carbon trend in Thailand, and what preparations are needed currently?
What are the strategic trends of major companies in Japan regarding the entire supply chain concern?
How do suppliers in the supply chain affect the industry, and what role do they play in creating and implementing projects to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and enhance sustainability?
carbon emission visualization system-Asuene
This seminar has invited Asuene Inc. to share valuable information with you. Asuene Inc. is a company that provides services related to calculating carbon dioxide emissions in industries, using a carbon emission visualization system called ‘Asuene,’ and also offers cloud-based ESG ranking services. Additionally, Asuene has plans to soon launch a carbon credit exchange market in Japan.

* Thai / English (consecutive interpreting)
carbon emission-infographic-Asuene


Robyn Shinozaki-Asuene APAC Pte. Ltd.
Asuene APAC Pte. Ltd.
Sustainability Consultant
Ms. Robyn Natsuko Shinozaki
Green Frog Innovation Co. Ltd.
Managing Director (MD)
Mr. Thanes Rajatapiti
Mr. Thanes Rajatapiti-Green Frog Innovation Co. Ltd.

Free Online Seminar

3rd Oct (Tue) 13:30 – 15:00 (Thai time)
Seminar Contents
Trend of CO2 emission regulation and how to calculate it?
Global / Thai regulation, CBAM, big companies’ policy and effect to supplier

1.Decarbonization trend and policy in global
2.Decarbonization trend and policy in Thai
3.Sharing how to calculate CO2 emission and introduce system

Asuene APAC Pte. Ltd.
Sustainability Consultant
Ms. Robyn Natsuko Shinozaki

Green Frog Innovation Co. Ltd.
Managing Director (MD)
Mr. Thanes Rajatapiti
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English / Thai (Consecutive interpreting)
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