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What is Materials Informatics?

~Improve R&D productivity
dramatically using by AI~

17th May (Wed) 13:30-15:00 (Thai time)
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Do you have any of the following issues in R&D process of product material?

The competition developing materials to realize new functions and appearances as a solution to various social and environmental problems is becoming more and more intense.

So, many companies try to improve R&D process and make new materials to achieve target cost and developing lead time.

However, the current situation of R&D is still carried out with the experience and intuition of skilled researchers and also researchers are doing many manual work.
Under such circumstances, many companies pay attentin for the method “data-driven development” in recent years.

With the development of AI and machine learning methods, it has become possible to find easy more the patterns that are likely to produce the best results with higher accuracy.
This time, Hitachi Hi-Tech which is main trading company of Hitachi Group will introduce “Materials Informatics” solution by AI.

The development process, which has traditionally been done by researchers based on experience and intuition, can now be done more logically and in a short period of time in a non-personalized manner.
Your company can develop new materials more logically, non-personalized knowledge and short period.
Materials Informatics will improve your R&D productivity and realize short lead time.

What kind of industies can apply?


Hitachi High-Tech Corporation
Mr. Kota Omobayashi (Engineer)
Designed and developed application for R&D solution at Hitachi, Ltd.
From 2021, supporting to improve R&D process of customers as data scientist included overseas companies. 
Hitachi High-Tech (Thailand) Ltd.
Dr. Sarinont Thapanut
Faculty of Engineering (Electronics), KMITL
Information Science and Electrical Engineering, Kyushu University

Have follow experience at material maker
QC/QA and Data analysis on opto-electronics Dept.
R&D in CVD plasma processing for Semiconductor chips
Now joined Hitachi High-tech (Thailand)
supporing to improve cusotmer’s R&D process and trading

Free Online Seminar

17th May (Wed) 13:30~15:00(Thai time)
Seminar Contents
What is Materials Informatics?
~Improve R&D productivity dramatically using by AI ~

1.What is Materials Informatics?
2.What kind of industry and products can apply this concept?
3.What kind of benefit user can accept?

*There are possibilities will be change part of contents.

Hitachi High-Tech (Thailand) Ltd.
Mr. Kota Omobayashi
Dr. Sarinont Thapanut

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