Free Online Seminar

Bio Plastic and
Recycle Plastic

~ECO Material Trend in Thai~

22nd Mar (Wed) 13:30-15:00 (Thai time)
JP and TH Language
(Consecutive interpreting)


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Recently, plastic reduction has been one of the major issues for environmental problems. However, due to the convenience and ease of using plastic, it remains a material widely used in our daily lives. Hence, it is impossible to completely eliminate or significantly reduce plastic usage from our daily routines.

Nevertheless, many companies today are seeking ways to use materials with the least environmental impact possible. In particular, utilizing eco-friendly materials like bioplastics and recycled plastics is an approach that will help preserve the environment.

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On this occasion, Hitachi High-Tech (Thailand) Ltd., the core trading company of the Hitachi Group, will introduce market trends for bioplastics and recycled plastics, including the characteristics of each material type in Thailand. The focus will be on the applications and benefits of bioplastics and recycled plastics.

Additionally, they will introduce a bio-plastic made from cassava, a material with potential to replace conventional plastics derived from natural materials that the company is currently developing.



Hitachi High-Tech (Thailand) Ltd.
Manager Mr. Kazuya Kuriyama
Now handling car parts and material trading.
Also he focused on bio plastic made by cassava which can harvest a lot in Thailand for over 10 years.
He has relationship with executive in related industries.
Manager Mr. Kazuya Kuriyama-Hitachi High-Tech (Thailand) Ltd.
Manager Mr. Khunaphot Pradapkaeo (Ken)-Hitachi High-Tech (Thailand) Ltd.
Hitachi High-Tech (Thailand) Ltd.
Manager Mr. Khunaphot Pradapkaeo (Ken)
Had experience work at Japan and can speak fluent Japanese.
Mainly he is taking care part and material trading. Recently, many customers are interested in recycle plastic and contact.
So he know very well current customer issue and support to fix it.

Free Online Seminar

22nd Mar (Wed) 13:30~15:00(Thai time)
Seminar Contents
Bio Plastic and Recycle Plastic
~ECO Material Trend in Thai~

1.Overview of bio plastic and trend in Thailand
2.Overview of recycle plastic and how to evaluate quality
3.Introduce ECO material Hitach Hi-Tech is providing
*There are possibilities will be change part of contents.

Hitachi High-Tech (Thailand) Ltd.
Manager Mr. Kazuya Kuriyama
Manager Mr. Khunaphot Pradapkaeo (Ken)
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Japanese / Thai (Consecutive interpreting)
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Hitachi High-Tech (Thailand) Ltd.
Business: Trading (parts, material), Selling Inspection Machin etc.

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