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[Service] Max 40% cost reduction of staff transportation cost
Vehicle Dispatch Management System "Mii Hawk"

[Service] Reducing air leak from equipment and pipe in Factory
Free trial Air Leak Check Service

[Service] Reducing 20-30% of air conditioner electric cost
Finding opportunities to reduce electric cost service

[Product] Reducing cost and improve environment in factory
"Super Alkaline Ionized Water (SAIW)"

[Service] Reducing recruiting cost of IT engineer (Manager, SE, Programmer, IT Infrastructure, Help Desk, Staff)
IT Engineer Recruiting 3 Month Trial Service

[Charged Service] Delivering Information related environment. "Environmental Business" (Japanese only)

Providing article related environment for “Environmental Business Online Magazine” published by Japan Business Publishing Co., Ltd.

Column “Environmental and Energy Situation in ASEAN”

※This is charged information service.